Cannon Rotation Fixes

This latest build has fixes for the Pig Tenk, but the Bunn Tenk is still broken.

Unity and Blender are not co-operating. The barrel on the Bunn Tenk does not have a rotation, but once imported to Unity it's -90 degrees, looking identical.

Such fun!

Since the Pig Tenk is right and the Bunn Tenk has issues, I'll leave the Pig Tenk fixed. The effect is that the Bunn Tenk barrel aims straight into the ground (but the rounds still fly where they should: forward.)

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Version 23 Mar 05, 2019 25 MB
Version 19 Mar 05, 2019 30 MB
Version 19 Mar 05, 2019 21 MB
Version 19 Mar 05, 2019

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